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Parsons/BecTech a Mentor Protégé Supporting MDA

Parsons/BecTech a Mentor Protégé Supporting MDA

On 6 June 2018 the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) awarded the Parsons/BecTech team a Mentor Protégé (MP) Contract which will run from 30 September 2018 through 29 September 2021.  As part of this contract, Parsons will act as a mentor to BecTech and provide assistance to increase our business infrastructure in such areas as general business management; organizational management; contracts/procurement management; human resources; marketing and business development.  Melanie Parks will be the BecTech Project Manager for the MP Program working directly for the BecTech CEO and President.

MDA/DCMA/Parsons/BecTech Mentor Protégé Team at the MP Kick-off meeting in Huntsville.

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