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BecTech’s Tucson Team Celebrates our 19 years of High Quality Professional Performance

In October, CEO Becky Sutton and President Steve Rosser hosted a 19th Anniversary celebration in Tucson for our BecTech team there. The team is led by Jon Watson and they provide engineering, program and logistics support services to the Navy’s Technical Representative Office PEO IWS 3TR (TechRep) for Surface Missile (SM) and AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense (ABMD). They provide integrated engineering and programmatic support for missiles in production (SM-1/2 MR, SM-3/6 ER, RAM and ESSM), development and other missile efforts (ESSM, RAM, SM-3, and SM-6) to include advance programs and international efforts.

Be a part of the exciting new technologies and capabilities that we are involved in. Join our team of proven, motivated professionals that are dedicated and empowered to deliver precise results every time. BecTech: Providing innovative concepts for the future.

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