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BecTech on Display at Pacific 19 Sydney

BecTech attended Pacific 19, Australia’s premier maritime exposition in Sydney from 8-10 October. President, Steve Rosser, and Vice President of International Business, Mike Fierro, joined the Virginia Delegation in the USA Pavilion in Sydney. This was BecTech’s first time hosting a booth at this event, an opportunity made possible by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP). This opportunity allowed BecTech to hear presentations by Australian Leaders, strengthen current international relationships, and develop new connections. BecTech also traveled to Canberra and Adelaide to meet with Commonwealth representatives and current employees.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in Australia’s major Naval programs, a circumstance that enriched the trip with a lot of positive energy. BecTech is looking forward to being more involved in future Australian Defence programs.

Many thanks to Jordan Watkins, Ed Laughlin, Monica Sadie and the VEDP team for their support.

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