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BecTech Celebrates 19 years of High Quality Professional Performance

BecTech Celebrates its 19th Anniversary on September 19th.

September 19, 2016 marked BecTech’s 19th anniversary.  That’s nearly two decades providing the highest quality independent professional, technical, and engineering support services to the US Navy, Defense agencies and International Partners.  From the early days of AEGIS and SM-1 missiles to AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense and SM-6 missiles; from FFG 7’s and New Threat Up-Grade missile systems to DDG 51’s and Baseline 9 AEGIS Weapons Systems – BecTech and our team of top-notch professionals have been there for the U.S. Navy, and will continue to be there as the future unfolds new and exciting capabilities. 

BecTech celebrated this milestone will All Hands events in Dahlgren, VA and Port Hueneme, CA hosted by co-founders Becky Sutton and CTO Bob Wilson.  A celebration at our site in Tucson, AZ will follow next month.

Be a part of the exciting new technologies and capabilities that we are involved in.  Join our team of proven, motivated professionals that are dedicated and empowered to deliver precise results every time.  BecTech: Providing innovative concepts for the future.

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