BecTech Team’s Modeling and Simulation Tool for Operational Applications Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Working through the DoD Mentor Protégé program, BecTech and its mentor Parsons are working with another key technology partner to address Surface Navy capability gaps in Multi-Mission planning, Training and Interoperability. This team has expertise in the development and operations of Navy Combat Systems, Missile Engineering, Radars and Sensors, and AEGIS BMD and possesses Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) modeling and simulation capabilities that enhance system-of-systems analysis, and leverages a simulation engine with a history of proven Naval game-based modeling, simulation and training (MST) visualization.
Our joint integrated team provides a fused technology solution that is powerful and adaptive. It can meet the Surface Navy’s capability gap by providing Multi-Mission and IAMD planning, realistic on board and distributed training, and interoperability with other combat systems elements. Additionally, the highly automated MBSE capability extends the utility of the tool to acquisition decision-making by enabling system-of-systems analysis of alternatives of multiple detailed discriminators, particularly a quantitative and qualitative assessment and evaluation of capability or product requirements. It is extremely useful for sensitivity analysis of prospective outcomes.

This tool is characterized by:

• Combined and jointly integrated – a mosaic design structured as a system-of-systems
• Highly adaptive across a range of functions from tactical to operational to acquisition
• Visualization that is physics-based with high-fidelity effects-driven interrelationships are accurately synchronized
with Intel
• A range of user Modes – Single-planner, Multi-planner, Multi-station, Cooperative
• High-fidelity “If/Then” algorithm models
• Capable of ingesting Government databases
• Transmission of Visualization, Physics, Effects over a range of Comms/Networks
• Scripting that is modifiable for Platform/Weapons/Sensor behavior, Adversary Behavior
• Metrics and Data Logging
• Joint/Coalition MLS
• MBSE capability enhancement facilitates acquisition decision-making, trade studies

If you are interested in learning more or seeing a demonstration of this model, please contact Mike Fierro at [email protected] or Steve Rosser at [email protected]